Everything and Nothing

Month: April, 2014

Rhymes on a Rainy Day

I want to be my mother’s daughter.
The kind that makes her so proud that she doesn’t resent her own father.
But sometimes I wonder, why bother?
I’m sure the damage has been done
And that nothing has been won.
So why push any farther?

Because I want to be her redemption.
Her lemonade on a summer day,
Her new Bengay, her creme brûlée!!
To show her just how much she’s made
With the little that he gave.

But if I only live for her
And no one else lives just for me
Then I’m as empty as can be.
… And some think that empty means free
But that’s not how it should be.
I should be free to just be ME.
That’s not me preaching….
That’s my plea.


And he wrapped all of his fingers around just one of mine

There lies a baby, naked and giggling in the grass.
A beautiful gray-eyed baby,
Naked in the grass.
In his hand, he holds a dandelion.
The plumage  shakes as his body bounces.
The wispy seeds make their soft descent.

There lies a baby, naked and giggling in the grass.
Though his eyes squint and his body shakes,
He does not break his gaze.
What is it that brings him such pleasure? 
Only when I stop and lie in the grass with him
Do I see it:

There is an oak sapling growing through a sidewalk crack.